CrossFit Chain Reaction – CrossFit


Warm Up 101 (No Measure)

Run/Row 400m

Sit Ups x 10

Push Ups x 10

Pull Ups x 5 or Ring Rows x 10

15 Air Squats

Dowel Dislocates x 10


Bliksem (Time)

Teams of 4 (time Cap 40min)

2 team members work through section A (1 work 1 rest except synced). 2 Team members select a task from Section B Once complete with section B task swap with team from section A

Section A:

Pull Ups x 120

box jumps 20in x 120 ( 1 box per team – 1 for 1) (scale: Step Ups)

Burpees (Synchronized) x120

OH Plate Lunge x 120 15/10

Wall Walks x 60

Wall Balls x120 24/16

Med Ball Sit Ups x 120 (synced)

Section B: (ANY ORDER Whatever is available)

1: Sand Bag Cleans x 2

2: Farmer Carry 50m x 2

3: Tyre Flip x 2

4: Sled Push 50m x 2

5: GHD SUs x 20

6: Hang Tough x 2

7: Rope Climb x 2

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