CrossFit Chain Reaction – CrossFit


Warm Up FF (No Measure)

Run 200m

3 Walk Outs

10 Push Ups

10 KB Swings

10 Lat Activation Pull Ups

10 Squats

15 Sit Ups

200m Run


Porter (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 3

2 Work 1 rest

1: AMRAP 6min

DB Snatch 50/35 x 30 (10 each)

Tyre Flips x 3 (1 each)

2: AMRAP 6min

T2B x 30 (10 each)

Rope Climbs x 3 (1 each)

3: AMRAP 6min

Box Jumps x 30

100m Sprint x 3

4: AMRAP 6min

Wall Walks x 15 (5 each)

Farmer Carry x3

5: AMRAP 6min

Burpees x 24 (8 each)

Sandbag Cleans 150/100 x 3

6: AMRAP 6min

Air Bike x 30Cals

Row x 30 Cals

7: AMRAP 6min

Pull Ups x 30

Sled Push 50m x 3

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